Welcome to Wortherz.com

This website is currently being built and some aspects and areas are not yet complete and does not represent the finished product. There may be spelling and grammar errors which will be corrected in due time.

This website features most of my photography work. There are a few college projects which I worked on over the last two years or my course, a few are from when I was back at school and did my GCSE's. There are also photos that I have taken for my personal interest in photography. I recently teamed up with a good mate where we take photos of events, we have taken photos at the Flora half marathon, and a charity event in Wellingborough. All these photos can be found on our website. www.event-snaps.com

I will also include a section about using Adobe Photoshop CS2 and how I created a few of my photos, this along with a tutorial section which I am thinking of adding will be available as soon as possible.

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